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Ok, back to the matter at hand. When I say *restored*, I consider this to be a much higher level of attention than shopped out. On average, every game that I have restored has about 80-100 hours of skillful attention and loving care given to it. Those who have seen or own some of my games can speak to this and exactly what it means.

Although I could not possibly (nor desire to at this time) document every step involved, at a minimum it includes:

OK, there's more and I'm sure that I left out a bunch of stuff (hope I didn't forget to put any important parts back on). I decided to cap this adventure at 30 minutes of writing and I type slowly :-)

I'm not a nut or anything, but I decided that I only wanted really nice pieces in my collection. The kind that always work and play like perfection. Cost and investment are not the primary issues with this kind of project. I'm not saying everyone wants to take the hobby to this level, but I do think that it qualifies me to at least use the term *restored* when describing my games if I want to.

I don't know everything about this hobby, and I seem to learn some new trick from every seriuos pin person that I meet, but I don't think that I'm clueless either :-)

Mike Minchew
Plano, TX

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