Zaccaria Parts Interchange

I get quite a few questions on finding parts to repair or replace broken, worn, damaged, or missing parts on Zaccaria games. So I started compiling this list of standard Williams, Bally, and Gottlieb parts that can be used as replacements for Zaccaria parts.

Pop Bumpers

Yokes (the fibre/metal bridge piece between the plunger and the rod and ring assembly):
Use Pinball Resource part numbers GTB-A2662+ and GTB-A12149. These are "Gottlieb" parts, but the same part from any Bally, Williams or Gottlieb supply should work. The original Williams ones are flat, and often the metal part breaks. The Gottlieb design is braced along one edge and is much stronger. I'm pretty sure Clay shows this somewhere on if you want to see the details. It's probably in at least one of the Williams repair guides.
Body and Cap:
I can't prove it right now, but these look exactly like Gottlieb EM parts. The artwork, of course, is different, but it looks like you could substitute Gottlieb parts if you had to here.
Standard part, any Williams, Bally or Gottlieb should work. The originals don't have a "nub" on them, many replacements do. Depending on the orientation of the pop bumper, you may be able to leave the nub, or you might have to sand it off.
Rod and Ring Assembly:
Standard part. Any Williams, Bally, or Gottlieb part should fit here. The plastic ones (Stern, Data East) will not work.
I don't have any Gottlieb pop bumper parts to compare these to. The Bally or Williams bracket can be made to work, but neither is actually a drop in replacement. The problem is in the mounting holes for the screws where the bracket attaches to the playfield. The two on the sides line up ok, but the one on the rear (middle) does not line up. It looks like the Williams bracket has a little bit more metal, and is probably the better one to get if you have to do this. There should be room to drill a new mounting hole in the tab of the bracket to make this fit.
Use the Williams plunger. It's black, instead of chromed, but is otherwise identical.
Return Spring:
Use the Williams spring. It's identical.


The slingshot mechanism parts are identical to a Williams assembly and should directly interchange.

Drop Targets

To be written...


To be written...


Zaccaria coils have "different" numbers than Williams/Bally or any other US manufacturer. The numbers specify the diameter of the wire and the number of turns. The voltage rating is also specified and should not be exceeded, but that is true of all manufacturer's coils.

The way to read a Zaccaria coil is by the part number:

The D. number is the diameter of the wire in the coil in millimeters multiplied by 100 (i.e. 50 means a .5mm diameter wire). The S. number is the number of turns of wire in the coil.

Using the AWG spec from the National Bureau of Standards, 24 gauge wire has a diameter of 0.511mm. Hence the wire closest would be AWG 24.

D. 50 - S. 1600 equates to a AWG coil specification of 24-1600.

This can be done for all Zaccaria coils. Here is a list of the AWG numbers for some commonly used guages:

AWG Diameter of Wire in mm
20 0.813
21 0.724
22 0.643
23 0.574
24 0.511
25 0.455
26 0.404
27 0.361
28 0.320
29 0.287
30 0.254
35 0.142

Original solenoid coils used in Zaccaria games and possible replacements:

LocationCoilWrapperResistancePossible Substitution
Main Flipper (Baseplate) D.50 S.600 / D.14 S.5000 Tan 3.5Ω / 480ΩCustom 24-600/35-5000
Main Flipper (No baseplate) D.45 S.500 / D.14 S.6000 Green 3.5Ω / 530ΩCustom 25-500/35-6000 Bally 25-500/34-5050
Auxiliary Flipper D.355 S.1000 / D.14 S.6000 Blue 10Ω / 550Ω Custom 27-1000/35-6000
Ball Trough Kicker D.40 S.1200 Pink 11Ω Williams 26-1200
Knocker D.40 S.1200 Pink 11Ω Williams 26-1200
Door Coin Lockout D.12 S.6000     
Drop Targets D.50 S.1600 Orange11Ω Custom 24-1600 (See Note)
Pop Bumpers D.45 S.1000 Yellow7.7Ω Williams 25-1000
Ramp D.355 S.1000 / D.14 S.6000 Blue 10Ω / 550Ω Custom 27-1000/35-6000
Slingshot D.40 S.1200 Pink 11Ω Williams 26-1200
Note: The drop target reset coil has an unusual bobbin with an extended centre section.

In the 1st Generation solid state, and early 2nd Generation, the flipper mechanisms are multiple pieces all screwed to the playfield. Soccer Kings and Pinball Champ were the last games to use this setup. On Farfalla and newer games, the flipper assembly is built up on a metal baseplate and the whole thing is attached to the playfield as a unit.

It has been reported that using a Bally 25-500/34-4500 coil works in place of the Green D.45 S.600 / D.14 S.6000 coil, with the same power stroke, but a stronger hold.

John Baird maintains a list of solenoid coils data at

For STAR GOD, it has been reported to me that the drop target drop coils can be replaced using Williams SC 30-1100. These are found in Fun House in the Rudy head assembly.

DEVIL RIDERS uses a unique coil to for the two ramp moving mechanisms. Part number D.63 S.1050.

Other Playfield Parts

It has been reported to me that the white "REACT" outlane flippers used on Farfalla, Devil Riders, Magic Castle can be replaced with Pinball Resource part number C11241. This Gottlieb 2" flipper bat looks the same as the original and fits without modification.

Behind the centre "MOVE RAMP" target on FARFALLA, use a #51 bulb.

To install (or replace) the lamps used in the single drop targets on ROBOT.

Lock Down Bars

The lock down bar and receiver directly interchange with Williams parts.

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