For who it did not know it is well to remember that the ZACCARIA has been in the years passes to you largest and manifacturing important of pinball machine in Italy.

Founded in the 1974 from the three siblings Marine, Frank, Been born them and with center to Calderara di Reno (BOLOGNA), the Zaccaria produced its first model of pinball machine, TEN UP electromechanical model to a single player. In the 1975 RED SHOW comes produced to others three models, LUCKY FRUIT (both electromechanical models to a single player) and TEN UP version to 4 players. In 1976 instead WOODS QUEEN exits and the TEN STARS, the first model will come then produced in the same year in the versions to 1-2-e 4 players. The following year, 1977, see the escape very seven models of which MOON FLIGHT the AEROBATICS, the SUPERSONIC and the NAUTILUS are electromechanical models to a single player, while the CIRCUS the UNIVERSE, and the COMBAT also being always electromechanical models has the pregio of being to 4 players, always of the COMBAT comes produced also one version electronic (first produced electronic model from Zaccaria).

In 1978 instead it comes produced a single electromechanical model (leaving piu' space to production electronic) the QUEEN' S CASTLE to a player, of electronic come produced WINTER SPORTS, the FUTURE WORLD HOUSE OF DIAMONDS all and three models to 4 players, while others two models STRIKE and SKY JUMP (always electronic) remain to a single player. 1979 are opened for the Zaccaria like the year of just the consolidation in the field, indeed after the advent of the electronics in the pinball machine many Italian companies decided to stop the production also because of the elevated investment that would have had to support in order to maintain the own competitiveness and the little companies that still was remained constructed only electromechanical models or kit of transformation and lý it has little also they closed, from that Zaccaria moment remained like only producer of pinball machine, than with the launch of electronic SHOOTING THE RAPIDS, HOT WHEELS and SPACE CITY (last model to being to a single player) was ready in order to enter in years ' 80 with all the papers in rule. E' to remember that just the year before was exited on the market an other producer of pinball machine and cioe' BELL COIN MATICS (always to Bologna well), even if true and just constructor could not be defined inasmuch as it only produced kit for blots some gia' existing, Zaccaria instead was a totally independent company to such point that did not have more to aquistare members from third parts (like happened to the beginnings) but it had arrived to the point to construct totally all that that served for being able to assemble a pinball machine. In the 1980 FIRE MOUNTAIN exited only three models FIRE MOUNTAIN , STAR GOD and SPACE SHUTTLE all and three pinball machine of large succeeding, what that it was repeated also in 1981 with the escape of EARTH WIND & FIRE and the LOCOMOTION, but the true change that said new image to the Zaccaria pinball machine that is exited only the year following in 1982, and here is right to stop itself also why until now the pinball machine produced they were passes to you from electromechanical to electronic but without many cambiamentei for that it regarded the plan from game that it was remained almost invariato with the usuals bumper and the usuals flap without that it could entusiasmare the game and render winning it more.

As I already said in 1982 that is exited the true myth of the pinball machine of Italian construction PINBALL CHAMP ' 82 innovative pinball machine under all the points of view to leave from the plan from game that included a rampa for being able to send the little ball in the sopraelevato plan where was two pens that they were set in action to the passage of the same little ball and that they were commands to you from the same push-buttons of game, the attempt was that one of having to down throw all the targets that composed the word "champ " for having the bonus, but beyond to the improvements of the plan what was one that it truly made to drive crazy all and that is spoken, why the pinball machine already from the moment in which they came inserted the coins emitted, a message in order then to pass, when the start was pressed, to say the phrase "subsequently defied " the champion and other phrases to second of the targets that came hit, I memory personally that there were is made of the game in which it was not never a moment zitto why he indicated in succession hitting the special, the red bonus, to send the ball in rampa, etc what that has rendered this pinball machine a model from being able to be still put in the fine bars at the beginning of years ' 90. Memory above all a noleggiatore that having of one out of order was ready to also sacrifice electronic parts of models very more recent than to replace it in sixth. Other model, exited in 1982, was the SOCCER KINGS pinball machine that like the other had a plan raised with a single pen that served to pull the rigors in door, why in place of bersaglietti the this time it had been put a fissure that acted as from door and in means a astina with rubberizes that it made the veci of the porter, in more on the advanced plan it had been inserted also a small display to two figures that emulated the tabellone marks points, on the display appeared the rigors that could be pulled on the advanced plan, such rigors were accumulateed playing in the main plan and also this collected pinball machine one shocking succeeding inasmuch as clearly event of the world-wide ones of soccer in Spain was inspired all, exited to september of 1982. In year following, 1983, Zaccaria still veteran of happening of "pinball champ " saw forced to replace in production pinball machine also for this year because of the numerous demands also from the foreign market, even if were not late to arrive other successes like the TIME Machine pinball machine that proposed the passage from passed to the future using a mobile base that to second of where it came launch the little ball it salted in surface inserting on the plan the three bumpers and other targets, is well however to make present that from "the soccer kings " option had already been inserted "famous game the Time " bonus that concurred to use a last little ball in game for being able to accumulate of the second ones to use at the moment that the last little ball had gone in hole, such option allowed to play for the time that was accumulated (a maximum of 99 second ones) without limit of littles ball, in practical the last one was played chance in order to see to succeed in to gain "an extra ball " (that it would have stopped the time) or to gain the replay "quite " finished such limit happened the extraction of last the two figures of the practical score in "the match " Other successone of that year was FARFALLA pinball machine that resumed the style of "the pinball champ " with in more many targets to fall. In 1984 usciro only two models less the most known DEVIL RIDERS and already more considered MAGIC CASTLE model that got used in a castle infested from ghosts and spirits. 1985 were the year in which Zaccaria pinball machine proposed others three that they collected large succeeding, the ROBOT, pinball machine that proposed like what's new of the cylinders that exited once from the plan from game that the little ball had been sent on the bridge, according to model the CLOWN proposed instead like main attraction a paper that passing vertically on a railroad had to be hit, what much strange one of "the Clown " was that to difference of the previous models the spoken one was totally absent rendering the pinball machine in the long run monotone, the third model was POOL CHAMPION pinball machine inspired to the game of the billiards that also being much simple one like slowly from game discreet notoriety collected one.

In the 1986 other four models exited, the first one were the BLACKBELT with diagram inspired to the martial limbs and its main characteristic was that one riproporre on the plan from game the movements and the attacks of the karate ones and the judo, following model, MEXICO ' 86 explicitly were dedicated to the world-wide ones of soccer that was carried out in that period in Mexico, the pinball machine even if much pretty one was only a various riedizione of the model Soccer King exited in 1982, in practical had been eliminated the plan advanced and inserted the attack area on the main plan rendering the pinball machine a lot scarno.

The ZANCOR model that segui' Mexico ' 86, had instead truly shocking happening, also why the plan from game this time had been literally inzeppato of new rampe and many other likeable ones found that they rendered the game much phrenetic one, already from the launch of the little ball it had to succeed to center the just groove for having the bonus of launch, once on the main plan it had to be tried to hit and to destroy all the enemies represents to you from the targets and the presence of a cove that resumed to full load the spirit and the acclimatization of the diagram of the head representative "a tarzan " that it had to fight with giant spiders, tarantole and other until succeeding to save the beautiful imprisoned girl.

The pinball machine had between the other also a sonorous column first category, indeed not there was more only the sound than foundation, but also true and own music that was activated when the little ball entered in the cove or rampa, the effects also they much more cure to you rendered the game to pinball machine one true and own adventure.

A Zaccaria, in 1986, produced also a pinball machine in kit, MYSTIC STAR that I never have unfortunately not had occasion to see of person, solo recent I have found the depliant that it represents it istallato on a piece of furniture purposely constructed, in the kit instead came only supplied the plan from game, the glass of the head and the memories or cards to replace to those already existing, for the mobile one instead other Zaccaria pinball machine had to re-adapt that one of some, therefore making it was arrived less to having a completely new model and an elevated price much if confronted to the aquisto of a complete pinball machine.

1987 for Zaccaria negative was a year totally, indeed already the first produced model the SPOOKY with succeeding main graphical subject a gufo collected a insufficient one because of its nearly total absence on the plan of bersaglietti, in practical was good a 40% of the plan in which not there was just nothing and the little ball could space without to hit no target and therefore without to make points, this thing turned out much boring already from first left classifying the pinball machine like "perusal " of whichever attraction, the only likeable thing was the eyes of the gufo designed on the glass of the head that to separated beginning blinked giving the impression to be true.

The other model produced in that year, is the STAR' S PHOENIX that like attraction slowly exposed to inserted center a railroad with of the hanging papers that formed the written one phoenix even if were more the annoyance that true usefullness, first version of this pinball machine came produced with piece of furniture of color viola, while the month following some came produced an other version that of various had only the colorful piece of furniture of black, and came called NEW STAR' S PHOENIX, of such models of has been produced to many little, also perche one have been in production for a month only while the other solo little more because of the closing of the company.

There is also a model of pinball machine produced after the New star' s phoenix of which only least exemplary exist some also why the Zaccaria sluices when this model had entered from little days in production and came only distributed to little of the Italian distributors official, such pinball machine, the FAST TRACK, representing model the world of the motors, will then come reproduced from the (company that in 1988 replaced in feet the production of pinball machine in the same center of via Armaroli to Calderara di Reno) in 1988 with the name of MOTOR SHOW.

In conclusion puo' to say that the Zaccaria has been one of the little companies manufacturers of pinball machine in Italy to have moreover exported the own production also to the foreign country riscuotendo an enormous one succeeding in the market and, (what that in little they will perhaps know) in 1983-' the 84 they perhaps came produced also to two videogames MONEY MONEY and more famous JACK RABBIT exited quite in three versions and although produced in the moment of the boom of the videogiochi electronic, they did not have however a large one happening forcing the Zaccaria to only orient itself on the market of the pinball machine of which he was leader.

Courts Christian